Live Your Dream is a program to inspire and build self-confidence and educate to recognize opportunities and adopt with the changing markets. We conducted a series of workshops in Auckland communities on building creative confidence, skill assessing and creating entrepreneurial awareness. We had around 20-22 participants in each workshop.We had participants for our workshops from diverse ethnicity. Each had their own unique talent and passion.
Our workshops were conducted at Wesley community centre. PowerPoint presentations were used for each session. It included hands-on activities to know themselves better, to identify opportunities, and to put in action new tools and techniques for creative thinking, collaboration, leadership, and entrepreneurial logic. Participants were given a checklist to keep in track of their progress Mentors were assigned for each participants to discuss their business plan. We created a Facebook group named “Live your dream 2017) for participants to share their thoughts and documents. We also created a WhatsApp group to keep in touch with all participants and mentors. Email and phone calls were other form of communication channel.
Feedback forms were used as the research method to evaluate the workshops. The feedback forms were in the form of print. It contained close ended questions as well as open ended questions. The feedback form included questions on age, gender. Ethnicity, if expectations were met, purpose of attending the workshop, most/least relevant aspects of workshop, ability to put into practise learned from the workshop, learn to think in new ways and plan for attending future workshops.




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