We are conducting a series of workshops in south Auckland communities on building creative confidence, skill assessing, creative thinking, and problem solving skills, critical analysis, creating entrepreneurial awareness, idea development, prototyping and testing, market evaluation. Once all the workshops are complete, we will be providing mentoring support, marketing, profiling via social media and network building with the industry partners. Our programs are focuses on learn by doing. Its best learned through experience, which helps participants develop an entrepreneurial mindset to serve them in their future business startup or career. Even if they do not have a business idea in their mind our program provides the experience of starting a new business or a sparkling new idea. Participants will be updating a business model canvas for their startup idea. We strive to change the mindset of participants, to overcome barriers and seize opportunities so they believe in themselves and what they can achieve.
Project activities:
1. Creative confidence: To think and act creatively by building self-confidence and uncovering your strength
2. Skill assessment: Identify your soft and hard skills
3. Entrepreneurial thinking: To identify opportunities, and to put in action new tools, techniques for creative thinking and problem solving
4. Entrepreneurial development: To equip yourself with new ideas, brainstorming, ideating your ideas, resources to write business proposal.
5. Prototyping and testing your idea
6. Mentoring




Business Ideas


Workshop sessions



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