Women Entrepreneurship Centre (WEC) is a not-for-profit organization based in New Zealand working towards the empowerment of the community through inspiration, education, and leadership. WEC provides assistance in entrepreneurship, leadership, employment & training, career mentoring, and upskilling through awareness programs, workshops, skills development, mentoring information sharing, and networking.

WEC has built a strong network with community organizations, corporates, SMEs, development agencies, funding agencies, and other NGOs to provide awareness of entrepreneurial development, career, and skills development in diverse communities across New Zealand.


Empowering and Building an Ecosystem for diverse communities

Our vision at WEC is to foster an environment that encourages and supports the growth of diverse businesses and communities, in order to promote inclusive economic prosperity and harness the entrepreneurial and career spirit.

At WEC, we strive to create a supportive and sustainable ecosystem for all in New Zealand who want to turn their dreams into reality. This includes offering business start-up workshops, employment and training, mentorship, and awareness of digitalization to help them succeed. Additionally, we aim to empower and provide a platform for diverse entrepreneurs, job seekers and community workers (Migrants and refugees) to build a sustainable future for themselves and their communities.


The Centre aims to develop community leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, career and employment development creating social and economic values in New Zealand through innovative workshops and awareness programmes, mentoring, consultancy and events among all ages and cultures.

The aim is to build courage and passion to be different. Develop entrepreneurial and long-term career capabilities among everyone, irrespective of their age, and academic, social, and economic background.


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