An extremely motivated, dedicated, and passionate mentor and facilitator with over 20 years of experience in creating impact and bringing disruptive innovations. Highly compassionate and supportive in helping talented individuals in the community turn their dreams into reality through her work at the Women Entrepreneurship Centre.

So far, with her mentorship and assistance, hundreds of people moved closer to their entrepreneurial and career dreams. An esteemed speaker and a social entrepreneur, her service has contributed to the New Zealand ecosystem in both the public and social sectors by providing insights into the needs of diverse grassroots communities and building their capabilities and leadership skills.

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Advisory Board Members


As a strategist, innovator and changemaker Pablo has brought his multi-national experience to the team. He is a globally successful senior professional that specialised in all aspects of Creative Digital solutions. Apart from his corporate experience, Pablo assists with many community initiatives by facilitating, supporting, and encouraging the diverse community. He freely shares his multi-national experience and boundless energetic enthusiasm!

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An experienced entrepreneur, business development analyst, facilitator, and mentor, having work experience in both Startups and Multinational corporations, it has always been a privilege to be at the center of major community and corporate projects and to enjoy the mentoring of the best of people who readily imparted priceless experience.
With my passion to work with creative people who want to achieve more, I help them combine life, business, and, a career in a better way, guiding them in doing work they truly love.

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Having worked across audit and advisory in various countries on a range of industries, my role is to provide value and assurance to various stakeholders. As a problem solver, I am always willing to take on challenges and look forward to using various tools to enhance the quality of the work we do.

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Internal Operational Team


She founded the Athena X Project, which aims to build & coordinate authentic, safe, and inclusive start up communities such as the Women Tech Founders NZ group.She is also Startup Genome’s Ambassador for NZ, a Programme Manager & Business Coach with Catalysr (Australia, NZ), and an accelerator for migrant and ex refugee entrepreneurs, and an advisor for women-led start-ups and NGOs. She was one of EY’s 2015 cohort of Entrepreneurial Winning Women. As a biotechnologist turned entrepreneur, she is a creative thinker, operator, and analytical problem solver, people leader with a mission to support and invest in start-ups built by diverse founders who tackle some of the world's pressing problems.

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Poject Coordinator
I am an enthusiastic self-motivated project coordinator, front end web/graphic designer, and a graduate from AUT Auckland University of Technology (Postgraduate in computer and information science) having 3 years of experience in project coordination and web technologies in Sri Lanka and nearly five years of experience working in several community projects in Auckland New Zealand.
I have been engaged in project planning, coordinating teams members and participants, managing grants and ensuring reporting requirements are met, supporting the effectiveness of marketing, communications, office operations, and networking with passion and commitment to any project that I work on. Apart from my IT/Project Management education, I have always had strong thoughts on how every woman should grow in confidence and become the person they truly desire.

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