Welcome to Co-Inspire!!!

You may be an ambitious and motivated woman or a shy introvert woman looking to grow. Whatever your personality, we know it’s difficult for women to start and run a business while juggling with family, kids, limited time, limited resources and limited funding. That is why we are here to help women learn, share, grow and inspire others to succeed.

We provide all women with an unique platform that allows women to network, share ideas, learn something new, market/sell your products and many more things.

We believe in the power of unity.
We can achieve great heights when we are together.

What we do

We organise 1 event every 2 months to help women come together, meet like-minded women, learn something new through our informative sessions, share ideas.
We give women in small business an opportunity to market/sell their products to the members of We-Inspire.
Annual event
We conduct an annual event to celebrate our achivement each year.

Co-inspire Launch Event 2018

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