The youth boot camp workshop, run by filmmaker Shivani Karan, provides youth with the tools to plan, prepare and produce a short digital movie over 3 days. On day one, students explore their own passion and purpose and come up with ideas with their team. Working together, they come up with a plan and prepare for production on day two. With the help of Shivani, the participants get access to tools and support to create their digital visions. On day three they complete their productions and present to the group. This workshop gives youth who have an interest in digital production the chance to create something that will help them share their stories or develop their talent.


The main objective of $ challenge is helping youth to discover, express and develop their unique creativity. It creates space for youth to engage in own career development process, awareness of future employment, careers and entrepreneur options.The program creates a space for youth to help them understand how they can use their creativity in developing a product, plan resources with a limited budget, and prepare a viable market and sales plan.Participants are provided with a start-up capital to create, launch and operate their venture over the course of the program.