Digital Boost For SMEs


The goal of the this programme is to create the right environment, set the right rules and take advantage of new technologies to give your business digital identification that meet your customer needs and expectations.

In this programme, we will co-design a framework that will set out a road map to equip your business for digital transformation and build sustainability in crisis situation.

The programme consists of workshop, webinars and support network for the transformation.
1. 20th March Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 1
2. 3rd April Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 2
3. 17th April Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 3
4. 1st May Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 4
5. 15th May Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 5
6. 29th May Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 6
7. 12th June Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 7
8. 26th June Saturday-10.00pm-1.00pm-Session 8

Discover new and clever ways to grow your business and attract more customers!

Creating digital awareness

Core digital activities for business

Highlighting benefits, challenges and tools

Business opportunities and challenges
How digital tools can help scale your business

Preparing your business for digitalisation

Needs assessment for your SME

Co-creation of a digital framework for your initiative – Part 1

Equip with e-commerce tools and techniques

Co-creation of a digital framework for your initiative – Part 2

Digital framework starts as your new BAU

Digital transformation case studies

Highlight powerful stories for outreach purposes

Round table discussion

A platform for all participants to share experience, ideas, challenges, help each other

Present your digital transformation story and what other support you need

Every participant shares his/her learning journey


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